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What is E-Waste?

E-Waste or WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) or e-scrap companies of all equipment using electrical or electronic parts. Any Equipment with electrical or electronic components becomes “e-waste” after its usable life. Such end of life may happen due to many reasons such as technology obsolescence, Functional damage and higher repair costs or unneeded.

About EGPS India

EGPS India is a Partnership Company and professionally managed organization which was based in Hyderabad, India.

EGPS India puts equal emphasis on customer satisfaction as well as taking care of the environment, health and safety standards. Following this philosophy has turned 2018 founded organization as one of the leading player in Telangana offering services from collections, dismantling, recycling to safe disposal of electrical and electronics wastes. The motivated team of expert professionals along with highly advanced technological recycling processing tools and infrastructure that provide cost effective and timely services to its customers.

Our services are available by the clients in IT & Telecommunications, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Banks& Financial institutions , Government, Electronics retailers, Small businesses and others.

Business Overview

We offer e-waste management and processing services to both B2B and B2C clients and intend to setup a recycling and processing plant in Telangana shortly. The proposed plant will cost INR 4.5 cr. to setup and initiate operations. The plant will have a processing capacity of 300 kgs / hour.

EGPS India was identified a 1.5 acre government owned plot which we intend to lease out and develop in a time frame of 12 months. Operations can be scaled up within 6 months of completing the plant setup. We intend to target the Mumbai and Bangalore market for the first 2 years.

Currently, the business has no assets under it and the capital raised will be used to setup the plant and acquire operating assets. The sale deed can be offered as collateral to the debt investor.

The promoter team has prior industry experience and has a proven track record of successfully managing and running engineering and service oriented businesses.

Products & Services Overview

E-waste collection, recycling and processing.

Is E-Waste Hazardous?

If E-waste is dumped and exposed to soil and moisture, a slow process of degeneration starts. In this process, iconic cells are formed between the metal and soil molecules leading to a slow leaching. This gradually poisons the soil and makes it completely infertile and hazardous to health. Also, many un organized sector recyclers use crude methods for recovering precious metals. Due to such methods, there is a significant amount of land, air and water pollution that can lead to several health problems.

Why should you recycle electronic devices instead of just throwing these away?

Here are some reasons to recycle e-waste:
It helps to preserve our natural resources.
It keeps toxins out of landfills, including toxins like mercury and lead.
It frees up space in your office and home.
Recycling e-waste is the socially responsible thing to do!.
E-waste also contains valuable materials such as gold, silver, copper, steel and plastic and it makes good sense to recover these materials instead of throwing these away.

Where does it all go?

Interstate waste services has conscientiously subscribed to the “Three R’s”:
Reduction of waste through advanced, proprietary sorting, processing, and tracking systems.
Reuse of equipment wherever possible.

E-Waste disposal – what can you get rid of?

EGPS India takes care of your e-waste recycling. Businesses and households have varying needs for e-waste recycling, but in general, these are the types of products, which we collect and recycle:
IT & Telecommunications, Mobiles, Papers etc.
Photocopier, Printer, Fax, Landline Phone etc.
UPS Inverter, Battery, Stabilizers etc.
Electrical panel, Motor, Fitting & miscellaneous etc.
Electronic Appliences, TV, LCD, LED, Washing machine, AC and Refrigerator etc.
CFL, Tube lights, Toner/Cartridge and Dry cells etc.

Savings by recycling

Every ton of steel recycle makes the following savings:
40% of water required in production.
75% of the energy needed to make steel from virgin mineral.
1.28 tons of solid waste.
Reduction of air emissions by 86%
Reduction of water Pollution by 76%
Every ton of aluminum recycle makes the following savings:
6 tons of bauxite.
4 tons of chemical products.
14 MWH of electricity.
It saves 70% of energy to recycle plastic.
It saves 40% less energy to recycle glass.

Benefits of E-Waste recycling

Recycling reduces the need for land filling and incineration.
Recycling prevents pollution.
Recycling saves energy.
Recycling decreases emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change.
Recycling conserve natural resources.
Recycling helps sustain the environment for future generations.